Fordite Addicts Anonymous

the addiction

we feel it too

This page is dedicated to those of you who have discovered fordite, and have now developed an uncontrollable compulsion to buy, and hoard it in multiples, and cannot seem to stop.

Many of you have been badly bitten by the fordite “bug”, and find yourself in desperate need of a twelve step program. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, or combinations of symptoms, please select some fordite items from our inventory that seem to soothe you, or contact us immediately.

We can help you through this difficult time.

After much research into this interesting compulsive disorder, experts have determined that it is actually more advisable to just give in to the Fordite Gollum than to fight it. After the first signs of dependency, studies have shown that acquiring more fordite is the only way to experience any lasting relief, or sense of calm and well being. However, for some sufferers, the Fordite Gollum returns quickly.

If after acquiring more and more pieces, the uneasy “gimme, gimme” feelings return more rapidly than the last time, contact us, and we will provide you with additional support until you can afford some more. Don’t worry, you’re not alone….


7 symptoms of fordite addiction

 Sufferer was once a natural gem snob, but now insists that fordite is a real gem.

 Experiences cold, sweaty palms at the thought of running out of fordite.

 Dreams of fordite- Often in the form of wildly colorful and vast mountain ranges. 

 Experiences a state of “Gollum”, or deep sense of greed, when viewing fordite. 

 Often mutters incoherently, and giggles when viewing personal stash of fordite. 

 Entertains fantasies of going back in time, to scavenge fordite rough at old factories.

 Believes that they don’t have a problem, and that they can just quit collecting anytime.

If you have checked any of these boxes, you may already be a Fordite Addict. Fordite addiction is serious, yes, but there is really only one solution … Because the acquisition of this unique material appeals to so many levels of the human psyche, it’s not just a matter of simply quitting.